Nora Rochel’s newest body of work is a hommage to the age old technique of lost wax casting, giving new meaning to the term One Piece. Taking the saying literally, her new creations are all cast in one piece, thanks to the unique technique of connecting all pieces using tiny sprues which allow the liquid metal to flow through the cast, eliminating the need to join the metal pieces. As a humorous reminder that a dress is just a one cast version of a blouse and skirt, Nora Rochel adds a new element to her work by introducing cloth structures and laces in unexpected places.


전시제목 : One Piece전

전시일시 : 2012년 5월 29일(화) – 6월 12일(화)

오프닝 : 2012년 5월 29일(화) 오후 5시

참여작가 : Nora Rochel



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